Ware Housing

Penguin Logistics
Arranges and provides warehousing facilities for the cargo consignments to handle and keep them in custody as specified by the customers. Once required by the customers and thereafter as per the warehousing agreements, cargoes are accordingly released for the destined places. The company also facilities pickup of cargo from the suppliers' factory and arrange the customs clearance for shipping according to the requirements.  
Penguin Logistics has associations or it can according arrange secure storage facilities for different types of goods. All the specified warehouses are located at strategic locations throughout the country in a close proximity to airports, seaports and major industrial hubs. Through appropriate means of transportation, the cargoes can be picked up or delivered as specified by the clients. The team of experienced professionals has hand on experience in efficient inventory management systems.

The services offered include:

  • Bonding of goods in a customs warehouse
  • De-bonding of goods after the payments of duties
  • Bonding of goods for subsequent re-export
  • Carrying out packing and other required operations in customs notified areas
  • Warehousing of customs cleared cargo in warehouses
  • Distribution of cargoes to buyers from warehouse